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Wooing The Fates

     An investigation of the murder of a call girl leads Detective John Drake into murky water.  Conflict with his upper command and another law enforcement agency complicates and hinders the investigation.  National security and international consideration enters into the investigation.  A second murder is committed using the same modus operandi.  Is this the beginning of a serial killer with international ties?  It is up to John Drake and his partner, Ken Wilson, to navigate the politics and solve the murder.  What will be the ramifications if they solve the murder?


"Wooing the Fates is the second Detective John Drake novel. You don't need to read the first novel, A Time to Lie, to enjoy this one but I strongly encourage you.

In Wooing the Fates, John Drake is able to put aside the accusations he faced in A Time To lie and concentrate on his homicide detective duties. What started off with the murder of a call girl turned out to be a much more complicated investigation with the FBI interfering and a possible serial killer on the loose.

Officer John Drake is truly the good cop who will risk everything to catch the bad guys. You can't help rooting for him. Even with the long hours and unpredictability of his job, John is very close to his wife and daughter. His retired father (one of my favorite characters) even goes undercover to help solve the case! The book definitely makes you realize how officers put their lives on the line to keep us safe. They have a wife or husband and kids too but every day they fight for what is right. I admire every "John Drake"' out there. But we must not forget, not all cops are good...

Although this is a crime thriller, the murder scenes aren't gruesomely detailed so the faint of heart don't have to be scared. I loved when the author shared a few technical details here and there. What's even more interesting is that the author has experiences in law enforcement. To my knowledge, the book is technically correct and I was able to learn a thing or two about police investigations.

When you read a lot of books like me, you tend to forget about some you read. Not this one! The story and characters stayed with me long after finishing it which proves how much I really enjoyed reading it. Wooing the Fates is an entertaining and intriguing read that will keep you turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. I guarantee it!

This is the third book by D.W. Hardin that I have the pleasure of reading and I'm hoping for many more to come. I can't wait to read what John Drake will be up to next."
From Melanie's Book Addiction.


"Great read, captivating plot, well written..I would highly recommend this book and look forward to his next book already! I am happy to find an author that delivers!!"
From Amazon Kindle book reviews. by Lesley Varga.


"...Wooing the Fates is nothing short of Hardin style and Hardin classic which means Dragnet TV Fans of old will be thrilled to find this Sgt. Joe Friday type character alive and well coming from the mind of this excellent police procedural author. The story opens with a murder and exposed (to the readers) perpetrator so "who done it" goes out the window; a style I love to use in my own mystery writings. From that point forward, the readers catch a fast cab for the rest of the ride through modern day settings and scenarios that leave one wondering just which real police file was the story taken from..."
From Amazon Kindle book reviews  by Charles E. Wells.


"Wooing the Fates is a thrilling police investigation story about the vicious rape/murder on a call girl that will quickly hold you in it's grip. When officer John Drake is out to investigate the case he soon gets interfered by the FBI and realizes there is much more to this case then just another simple call girl murder.

Writer Doug Hardin, who is experienced in the field of law enforcing, will take you on an exciting and thrilling investigation that you simply cannot put down! The story will keep you in it's grip, and will keep you entertained, intrigued, and guessing until the last page!

I loved the story and I can't wait to read more of John Drake's investigations."

From Amazon reviews by  Miranda McHenry (Alaska).


"I have read Doug Hardin's previous works. I was anxious to see if he could hold up the consistency. He did. Wooing the Fates was a great entertaining read. The writing was swift and gripping. When you sprinkle in espionage, international intrigue, corruption and a serial killer, you will be compelled to turn the pages. Detective Drake is back and the reader follows a homicide detective on his daily call outs. The author relies on his intimate knowledge as a police officer to bring reality to each page. Drake, who is a devoted family man, enlists the aid of his father on a huge case with quite a few twists. You do not know until the end, who will live or die."

From Amazon reviews by
Mike Roche (Florida).

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