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"Got the book, read it that night, read it in the morning, kept reading till I finished. I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. The book rings with authenticity and heart." John Cullum, two time Tony Award winner.

HIDDEN AND IMMINENT DANGERS is more than a medical thriller about a pandemic.  It has apocalyptic characters embedded throughout the novel! Special Forces veteran and ER nurse Mac MacIntosh spends his days navigating the bedlam of a Louisville, Kentucky, hospital.  Though his work is rewarding and his family life happy, Mac can't shake the haunting memories of his time in war-torn Afghanistan.  He can't forget the violence and social upheaval he witnessed there.  When a flu-stricken patient arrives, infectious disease specialist Dr. Mercato Marcus suspects the patient's symptoms may indicate a far more serious problem.  The hospital becomes ground zero for a deadly mutant strain of avian flu.  A frightening glimpse of the catastrophic potential of a global pandemic is shown.  It gives a sobering depiction of inadequate political, medical, and legal systems as the crisis mushrooms.


     "I because of books like this one that I love being a book blogger. I read a lot of good books, but then sometimes I get an absolutely great book like this one. Hidden and Imminent Dangers by D.W. Hardin can hold its own against any of those "Famous" thriller authors on the market today." Review by BookVisions

     "Pick up this apocalyptic novel but BEWARE... D.W. Hardin's writing is CONTAGIOUS!" Review by WebbWeaver

     "I absolutely loved this book. Should I say that again? I loved, loved this book."
Review by Nelda Shattles Copas

     "I give this amazing book a well deserved 5 stars..." Review from Melanie's Random Thoughts

     "I strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes medical thrillers, suspense, basically to everyone!!!" Review by Book Goddess No. 1

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